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Los Angeles’ Social Security Disability Attorneys

Los Angeles’ Premier Social Security Disability Attorneys: Compassionate Advocates Fighting for Your Rights to Secure the Benefits You Deserve.

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Our firm is a tight-knit family of Disability Attorneys dedicated to upholding your rights. We specialize in overturning denied Social Security disability benefits, advocating vigorously for those unfairly denied. Our expertise doesn’t end there; we are also well-versed in handling the complexities of motorcycle accidents and the long-term disabilities they can cause. When trauma strikes, we’re here to offer not just legal representation, but personal support as well. With every case we accept, our commitment is unwavering—we treat your fight for justice as our own, because here, you’re family too.

We  SPECIALIZE IN denial of Disability appeals

So you can get your disability benefits fast


If Social Security denies your initial application, but later makes a finding of disability, they might owe you money in retroactive benefits. Retroactive benefits are money to compensate you for the time you were disabled but weren’t receiving benefits. Potentially, retroactive benefits could go as far back as the date you became disabled.

Social Security Disability Lawyers

Disability Denial Attorneys

Many clients come to us is at the very end of their road, usually right after a denial of disability benefits. Our attorneys know how lives are changed when we win social security appeals. This is why we love every aspect of what we do. Our firm has helped tens of thousands of clients receive social security disability payments. We are disability lawyers who navigate the process of getting what is already owed to our clients.

Social Security Disability Lawyers



Get Help With Social Security Disability Applications & Social Security Disability Appeals

Social Security Disability & SSI

Most people applying for disability benefits are in pain and squeezing their last dollar. This can make people feel desperate and hopeless. At Devermont and Devermont, we feel clients have enough to worry about with their health. It is our obligation to remove the stress of pursuing the case so clients can focus on getting better.

At Devermont and Devermont, our staff sits down with each client applying for disability and go through each form with them. If a client is too disabled to come to the office, a telephonic appointment can be made to ensure the application gets completed.

Social Security Disability and SSI appeals also carry a litany of convoluted forms. Devermont and Devermont will make sure all the forms get filed without any stress to the client. Clients need to worry about getting treatment and getting healthy, not filling out legal forms.

A vast amount of legal expertise is needed to navigate the various phases of obtaining Social Security Disability and SSI. It can be a daunting and intimidating task. We seek to eliminate the stress of the process by applying three generations worth of knowledge to every case. This streamlines the process and puts each client in the best position to receive a favorable outcome.

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We Help with Social Security Disability Applications & Social Security Disability Benefits Appeals

Social Security Benefits


Social Security Disability Questions Answered.

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