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The most straightforward answer is to hire the right attorney. What does an attorney need to be successful in a claim for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits? MEDICAL EVIDENCE.

Every person who applies for disability benefits says they’re disabled. It is unheard of for someone to apply for benefits and say “I’m fine. I want money.” The way Social Security separates those that are disabled, from those who think they’re disabled but aren’t, from those who are faking a disability is medical evidence. Medical evidence is the medical records created when patients see doctors. Social Security looks to the records under the theory that an MRI cannot be faked and it is difficult to argue with years of mental health treatment.

The reality is just going to doctors is unlikely to result in a favorable decision for Social Security Disability. The medical evidence needs to be presented and argued in the right way to result in a successful claim for disability benefits. Having an experienced, knowledgable, attorney who cares for his clients will put a claimant in the best possible position to receive benefits.