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How to Apply For Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

How to Apply For Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Filling out an application for Social Security Disability or SSI can be a daunting and intimidating process.

SSD/SSDI and SSI Applications

Many questions in the applications seem deceptively simple but are in actuality complex, and the answers can be the determining factor between winning and losing a claim for benefits. Answers regarding past work must be analyzed in detail as well as questions regarding functional capacity.

Social Security Disability

At Devermont and Devermont, our staff sits with each claimant applying for disability and goes through the application question by question. First, we explain what every question is asking and clarify your answers when needed. Next, We will make sure that everything written in the application for benefits is accurate, precise, and in the best interest of the claimant.

Too often are people denied benefits because they didn’t understand the questions on the application and the impact of their answers. At Devermont and Devermont, we seek to cure the pitfalls of the application process that cost people their benefits and result in denials.

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