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Coronavirus and Disability

How has coronavirus affected disability benefits?

In this current age of the coronavirus, questions of disability are bound to come up.  Those affected will ask, “am I disabled based on the coronavirus?”   They will also wonder, “how will the coronavirus affect those who are already applying for social security disability and SSI benefits?”

According to most sources, an adult below 60 who is in good health should be able to make a full recovery from the coronavirus.  The infection period is not expected to last a year.  In order for a condition to be considered disabling, it must have a duration of no less than a year.  Therefore, in most instances, the coronavirus would not lead to being disabled under the law.  

However, for people who are already suffering from medical conditions, the Coronavirus can push them into disability

This applies most obviously to those with breathing or lung conditions.  People with asthma, COPD, lung cancer, or other breathing disorder can have their conditions permanently aggravated by the coronavirus.  The coronavirus can work its way into an already compromised pulmonary system and cause havoc.  If a person with a breathing condition wasn’t disabled before they contracted the coronavirus, he or she might be disabled after the damage has already taken place. 

Any disorder that compromises the immune system can be at the mercy of the coronavirus

This theory doesn’t solely apply to breathing disorders.  Any disorder that compromises the immune system can be at the mercy of the coronavirus and, with the combination, make the victim eligible for Social Security Disability.  People who recovered from cancer, but underwent chemotherapy or radiation, are particularly susceptible to permanent damage that could be caused by the coronavirus. 

Priority one:  Stay safe and away from those that may be infected.
Those that currently have immune system compromising disorders are probably the most at risk.
People Who have HIV or cancer can be thrown over a medical cliff because of corona.

If you become disabled, be sure to hire an attorney who specializes in Social Security disability-related matters.

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